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Seamlessly sync tasks and issues from all your platforms.
Your new client uses a different platform? We got your back.

Our goal is to tie your existing services together rather than replacing them.


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Own your todos

Ok, that's nice and good but what is it exactly that Boostful does?

Boostful allows you to connect your and your client's existing todo services like Jira, Trello, Github, and many more into one simple and intuitive interface. That way you don't have to browse through several tools just to get an idea of what's on your list today. feature

Manage your links

Every project needs bookmarks, yet nobody remembers where they saved them. feature

Take notes

Add quick notes to your projects in one central place. Get rid of those post its. responsiveness
Flawless mobile support

No app? No problem! works on any device without installing an app.
Just access our web-app through your mobile browser like Safari or Google Chrome.

Still want an app? Our web-app can be added to your homescreen for a even more app-like feeling.

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$50 / Year
  • Everything in free
  • Connect external tools
  • Project colors
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$0 / Year
  • Create unlimited Todos
  • Create unlimited Bookmarks
  • Create unlimited Notes
The future

Our plans and goals

Like every project should be, this is an ongoing effort and we will continue to improve day by day.
We believe that integrations are the heart of Boostful, so we have ambitious plans for future integrations:

Time tracking
Cloud storage